Why we do what we do

Today was a toughie. A majority of the day was spent battling milk, noodles, toys, baby and toddler. It’s one of those days I get dizzy just wandering around my very small flat, trying to get things into order. I think I had to seriously talk myself out of just giving it all up and plopping down infront of the telly with a very cold green tea in my hands – which i did, at 8pm – twice.

Still, I know I have come rather far in this motherhood journey – much more to learn though! Just a couple of years ago, with a baby girl in my arms, I could barely fix myself a decent lunch. With her permanently latched on, I would searched google like a madwoman, trying to read up on everything concerning breastfeeding and babies. Then, i would look to my husband as my hero when he returned from work and my mortal enemy when he left for work the next morning. Today, I can manage breakfast, lunch and most things a toddler needs to thrive. I usually look like a mad crazy woman when my husband returns from work. You know how some articles say that wives need to doll up for their husbands? Pffffft. That’s lala land.

That being said, I very much love my day cum night cum 24/7 job. I love how there’s no boundaries between my job and my personal life and that I get to see my munchkins all the time. I wouldn’t have come this far without God and my faithful momsy friends who are there for me each time I think the going gets too tough. Seriously, if I save a dollar each time I whine, it would prolly be enough for a trip or something. It really must be some Godly intervention to arrange for like minded friends to walk through this journey with me – I’m looking at you A & J!

The first mumsy blog I read was one ranting about her difficulties in breastfeeding. That brought me so much comfort, to know that there are other mothers out there who are having a hard time with this breastfeeding and parenting gig. For many days after, I would religiously go through similar blogs, often laughing and finding much comfort in this one sided relationship (ha!).

With this blog, I hope to firstly document my journey with the children – to have something to read and look back on in fondness when the house grows quiet and the teenage angst and empty nest set in. In reading this, I hope that they will know how fun (fingers crossed) their childhood was and above all, how very much they are loved. All other reasons are secondary. Hahah. No really, in sharing our lives, I also hope to bring some form of comfort to mothers who need it, just like how it did for me.

So here goes! Meanwhile, I’m ending with some pictures of food because I’m really hungry now. And its 2.30am, so randomness is allowed.





I ❤ talking!

But nope, I am definitely no extrovert, people around me will tell you. Obviously, talking is a great way to build relationships for everyone. But very importantly, talking helps me on my secret quest! Nah… This is not a knight’s quest to pull out a sword stuck in a round table or anything noble like that… It is my personal quest to find win-win solutions to life, which is currently consumed by my son, small J. Sounds nerdy but that is why I really like to read… And talk.

It is to my greatest delight that I found my 2 BFF serial talkers, A and M, by chance. After leaving school, all of us weren’t in close contact. Until one day at a gathering, while being 6-month preggie, I saw that A was preggie too! As you would know, preggies (especially first-timers) like to huddle at a corner and talk in a language with acronyms that no one else will understand… EDD, epidural, OSCAR (nope, not the movie awards)… “Whoop-dee-doo,” I thought, “Someone that speaks my language!” From our chats, I found out that M was preggie too! It is God’s blessing that our kiddies were born in the same season of the year. And this marked the start of our mummy friendship among J, A and M.

Please come and talk to me through this blog!

Credits: Thanks to meme generator for endless fun!


The Start of this Journey

When we first mooted the idea of starting a blog, it seemed like a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to read all about our lives right? (Right….) but when you really get down to it, a thousand and one questions bordering on doubts start creeping in – will it be good enough? Will it be interesting? Is it funny enough? How to even start?

So after mulling over it, I think I just want to be truthful at the end of the day – to myself.  I want to document my experiences as a stay-home mum  and what I’ve learnt if and when I emerge from this tunnel.  I hope this blog helps me to keep accounts of how I spend my days, how to improve and how to do things better. In the process, I want to share successes and “shareable” materials which will hopefully help others increase their good days but also, to be authentic to document the bad ones so we all can learn from one another.

So as we embark on this journey together, let’s look forward to days we can toast and give ourselves pats on the back for doing a great job as best as we can with our kids. But I’m certain there will also be days when we can only hug our pillows and cry at what we are doing with our lives. If anything, I do thank God for wonderful mummy friends all around who offer such genuine friendship, always checking up on me, organizing numerous playdates so I don’t go stir-crazy at home! Let’s just put this down for the record: “M and J, thank you and I love you!”


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