The Start of this Journey

When we first mooted the idea of starting a blog, it seemed like a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to read all about our lives right? (Right….) but when you really get down to it, a thousand and one questions bordering on doubts start creeping in – will it be good enough? Will it be interesting? Is it funny enough? How to even start?

So after mulling over it, I think I just want to be truthful at the end of the day – to myself.  I want to document my experiences as a stay-home mum  and what I’ve learnt if and when I emerge from this tunnel.  I hope this blog helps me to keep accounts of how I spend my days, how to improve and how to do things better. In the process, I want to share successes and “shareable” materials which will hopefully help others increase their good days but also, to be authentic to document the bad ones so we all can learn from one another.

So as we embark on this journey together, let’s look forward to days we can toast and give ourselves pats on the back for doing a great job as best as we can with our kids. But I’m certain there will also be days when we can only hug our pillows and cry at what we are doing with our lives. If anything, I do thank God for wonderful mummy friends all around who offer such genuine friendship, always checking up on me, organizing numerous playdates so I don’t go stir-crazy at home! Let’s just put this down for the record: “M and J, thank you and I love you!”


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