I ❤ talking!

But nope, I am definitely no extrovert, people around me will tell you. Obviously, talking is a great way to build relationships for everyone. But very importantly, talking helps me on my secret quest! Nah… This is not a knight’s quest to pull out a sword stuck in a round table or anything noble like that… It is my personal quest to find win-win solutions to life, which is currently consumed by my son, small J. Sounds nerdy but that is why I really like to read… And talk.

It is to my greatest delight that I found my 2 BFF serial talkers, A and M, by chance. After leaving school, all of us weren’t in close contact. Until one day at a gathering, while being 6-month preggie, I saw that A was preggie too! As you would know, preggies (especially first-timers) like to huddle at a corner and talk in a language with acronyms that no one else will understand… EDD, epidural, OSCAR (nope, not the movie awards)… “Whoop-dee-doo,” I thought, “Someone that speaks my language!” From our chats, I found out that M was preggie too! It is God’s blessing that our kiddies were born in the same season of the year. And this marked the start of our mummy friendship among J, A and M.

Please come and talk to me through this blog!

Credits: Thanks to meme generator for endless fun!



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