My Baby Addiction

So Mummy A just gave birth! I’m still reeling from the shock of it all because we were just happily lunching and pretending to be tai-tais that very afternoon. Little did we know that cheeky little Z was on his way out in a mere few hours. Babies, they have a mind of their own right from the very start.

The thing about having their own minds is really starting to drive me nuts. Here you have this little thing who looks so innocent, and you wonder how much harm can he do? Next thing you know, he shoots some poo and pees on you (not me fortunately, he leaves such surprises for the hubs). And that’s just the beginning. My Noah loves loves loves to be carried all the time, and he only behaves like this when we are home, not when we are out with ample help. I’m on my way to considering a third hand transplant so that I can carry him and get on with our daily business.

Having a new baby is tough. Everything was blissful and perfect at the hospital until reality hits you with a big nasty surprise the moment you bring the baby home. This quiet and peaceful baby doesn’t seem so quiet anymore. He constantly needs feeding, diaper changing and attention. It may come as a rude shock for some, but having a baby does change your life completely. Your world now revolves around this little one and matters that had no significance to you previously suddenly become super important  (like the colour of poo). You find yourself googling everything about babies and freaking out at the scary stuff you read online. Thankfully things do get better in the later months.

Noah Cries

Though my days are currently mad, I’m thankful for the little things that get me going. Like little Noah’s chubby cheeks and cheeky one-sided grin – they send me in crazy baby-smelling mother mode. There’s just something about babies (just mine, don’t worry) and my little girl that I can’t stop smelling, sniffing, taking a huge breathe of… and then do it all over again. It’s almost like an addiction now.

They say that childhood is short. Babyhood is even shorter. They are only going to be this needy, chubby and helpless for a short period of time. When the going gets tough, when the little boy is screaming at the top of his lungs (good stamina, this one), when he pooped and stained his clothes for the 5th time consecutively, I pause and remind myself that this little boy will only need and want me for awhile. It won’t be too long before he flaps his wings and discover the world on his own. Then I sneak into the kitchen for a butter cookie before getting onto the daily grind.

Presenting to you my top 5 baby addiction:

1) That baby smell

They just smell sooo sweet and only for awhile! Not long before they run and crawl or smell like drool. Heh.

2) Little tracker eyes

I love it when Noah tracks me with his eyes as I walk across the hall. It’s almost like he’s saying, ‘I’m waiting for you to play with me mama’.

3) 10 little kissable toes & fingers

I remember the 20th week detailed scan where the sonographer was counting the number of fingers and toes. I think our hearts stopped till she counted to 10 each time. Scary moment. Thank God every finger and toe is present! Today, I love holding the little chubby hand and tracing the dimples on each finger. Sometimes I run my fingers through his sole and toes and marvel at how smooth and tiny they are!

4) The chubby flapper hands

The first time Noah was placed into my arms, he wailed and smacked me on the face. He’s still doing it now when he gets upset and each time he does it, it never fails to remind me of the first moments we met. Such fond memories that I keep close to my heart.

5) Munchkin nose

When my babies are all asleep, I love to go close to their faces and smell their babyness. I like how the hubs put it – that the nooks and crannies of our faces fit just right into each other’s.

Noah Bear

If you are a new mama, or a mother with a new baby, hang in there, it will get better. When things get tough, take a deep breath and then hug the baby. If you feel yourself going mad, it’s ok to hide in another room for a moment or sneak a chocolate bar or two. Then go back to the baby with more cuddles! Whatever it is, you deserve a huge pat on your back, a carton of Ben & Jerries, a huge strawberry short cake and the best cup of coffee in the world.



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