About Us

A is a full-time stay-home mummy but she thanks God that she doesn’t do this alone.  She has 2 sets of very hands-on and ever-ready army of parents and in-laws to help out with the child-minding.  She tutors as minimally as she can to support her online shopping indulgences and is doing a part-time diploma in Montessori, which she is a new convert of.  Still employed by “THE FORCE ((Teaching), just to clarify should there be any misunderstanding)”, she is often schizo in her teaching practice.  Constantly struggling between over-planning to the last lesson objective and letting the child take the lead in learning what she wants to, she is still trying to let go and revel in the luxury of not having to cover syllabus.

J is a full-time working mum who is an English teacher. She is obsessed with planning for her son, small J, and hence, reads voraciously about anything and everything that has to do with raising children. Ironically, after reading some, she concludes that there is no one best method to bringing up a child, and subsequently, takes on a lasseiz-faire attitude to child-rearing. She oscillates between these 2 personas, not unlike Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where her change is not brought on by a potion but by pangs of guilt for not doing enough for small J. Her principle in child rearing is ‘Yes, by all means, do what’s good for the child, but also remember to take time to do what is good for yourself’. She embarks on quests for win-win solutions to life. She currently sends small J to childcare, and small J’s best friend and playmate is Daddy J, who can spend hours playing trains with him.

M is a mumsy of two beautiful children. She loves pretty things,  ice cream, reading, googling and a warm cuppa. The perfect day to her starts with brunch with the man, followed by shopping and an afternoon chilling by a cafe. In real life, she spends her day picking up toys, changing diapers and then returning to find the toys in disarray. Other than that, M enjoys finding new ways to teach her children and takes much joy in creating materials for them. She spends much of her time sourcing out the best books and stationeries for the little ones.


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